Nubian Goats

Nubian goats are considered the Jersey milk cow in the goat world. Though they don’t give the most milk per day among dairy breeds, they do have very high butterfat content, thus produce rich and creamy-tasting milk.

There are many old-time genetics that consist of stocky, long lived does who have the capability of producing a large quantity of milk, while still holding up to it. Some of these bloodlines are still out there, although fading away fast as the “standard” Nubian is now switched to a modern, show type build and capability. While these are not all bad, we think that the old-time genetics are what is needed for a homestead and home dairy – something that will last (read some more of our thoughts on Nubian bloodlines here).

We hope to combine these old-time type genetics that we already have on our ranch with genetics that are the result of Mrs. Senn, developer of the Kastdemur bloodlines, and others, hoping to maintain the build of the old-time genetics, while adding more size and milk capacity.

More About The Nubian Breed

Nubians (also called Anglo-Nubian) are beautiful (and we have to mention cute! :) goats, which were developed in Great Britian. Some of their characteristics include their somewhat larger size (does – 30″+ tall & 135lbs.; bucks – 35″+ tall & 175 lbs.), their long, adorable, floppy ears, and their rounded, Roman nose. They also come in just about “every color under the sun,” (except, maybe, blue or green).

The Hobby Farms website states, “Nubian enthusiasts characterize this breed as smart, friendly, active, and easy to train.” See their Nubian Livestock Profile for more information.

Herders Ranch Nubians

Although we currently have only a very small herd of Nubians, we still hope to offer high quality babies. Each one of them is generally loved on and handled daily, and each have fantastic little personalities. We try to be on hand to imprint the kids at birth, so they will be friendly and used to being handled. We also sometimes bottle feed our kids, which helps to make them very friendly!

Go to our breedings page for more information about our future kids and how to reserve one for yourself!

Our Kids Are:

  • Handled Daily
  • Disbudded
  • Given a preventive for Coccidia, whether in medicated feed form, or a Di-Methox.

At time of purchase, each buckling or doeling will be tattooed and will come with ADGA registration application papers (unless otherwise decided with buyer). Once a kid is spoken for we might require a $50.00 deposit via PayPal to hold a kid until pickup, with the remaining balance to be paid in cash at time of pickup.

Amelia's Doeling
A 2013 doeling born at Herders Ranch