All of our Babies are sold! Please see below for the tentative policy and let us know if you have any questions about it! Thanks for your interest!

Price Policy – Tentatively

$400 — bottle baby; Age: newborn to 7 weeks of age
$425 — just weaned; Age: 7-9 weeks of age
$450 — young, weaned doeling; Age: 9 weeks or older

$250 — bottle baby; Age: newborn to 4 weeks of age
$275 — bottle baby or just weaned; Age: 4-8 weeks of age
$300 — young, weaned buckling; Age: 8 weeks or older

2017 Breeding Schedule

Doe         Buck    Kidding      Price

Victoria x Toby    Kidded 03/17 w/single Doeling (sold)
Thelma Lou x Toby  Kidded 03/17 w/1 buck and 2 does (all sold)

Nubian Reservation Policy

We offer our babies as bottle babies. Those on our email list will be contacted first, when a baby is born. Afterward, the baby is offered on our website. Anyone interested in a specific kid (please see our pricing policy above) should contact us and we will try to work out the details as far as reservation. Reservation is first come first serve (deposit may be required at this point).