Other Critters

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Belle is a Field-bred English Cocker Spaniel. English Cockers are known as the “Merry Cocker.” They have a great personality and make for very fun hunting companions, lap dogs, or just “faithful friends.” They are small dogs, usually averaging from about 25 to 32 pounds. They originated in Spain. English Cocker Spaniels are commonly used for hunting quail. They are great at flushing the birds.

Belle is our family dog, and as been a lot of fun! She’s a great companion and loves to go on hunts. She helps with wood cock and squirrel hunting.

Belle was born on April 11th, 2008. She came from Covey Flush Kennels and is registered with the AKC.

The Bantams

We currently have two breeds of Old English Game Bantams. We have four Silver Duckwing adults, which have been great egg layers!

And below is a picture of one trio of our adult Barred Rock banties:


Left to Right are Travis, Beaty and Caitie. We also another trio of Barreds, not pictured.

Mini Rex Rabbits

Our little Mini Rex’s are so cute and sweet! The breed originally came from a cross between the small Netherland Dwarf, and the larger Rex rabbit. The Mini Rex rabbits, in my opinion, are definitely an improvement from both of those breeds – a small rabbit great for a little pet! They come in many different colors (Blues, Brokens, Lilacs, Torts, Blacks, Chocolates…).

Some past bunnies that were born on our ranch.

Bunny1Bunny 2

Our current rabbits –

DA Vegas Kissed
DOB: March 24, 2012
Sire: DA Vegas Blu (Broken Blue)
Dam: DA Ivory’s Hershey Kiss (Chocolate)


Bonnie’s been a mother three times with beautiful babies! She’s a pretty big girl, and has a very blue/grey coat. She’s a sweetie and a cutie! ;)

DA I’m Zendaya
DOB: April 9, 2013
Sire: DA Vegas Blu (Broken Blue)
Dam: Ima Special Belle (Black)


Zendie is too big for showing, but has a nice type! She’s also a very cute girl! :)

DA Memphis
DOB: March 12, 2012
Sire: DA Elvis 3 Legs; 1x BOS, 2x BOSV; Placed 1/5
Dam: DA Emma 1 Leg; 1x BOV


Barney is a very quiet and cute little boy! He has beautiful offspring!

Reference Does

Sire: DA Bandit in Vegas
Dam: DA I’m So HickoryAlice

DA I’m So Hickory
DOB: March 17, 2013
Sire: DA Hickory Dot (Broken Black) – 3 Legs; 2x BOSV; Placed: 1/8 – 09/22/10-SEIRBA; Placed 2/11 08/11/10-ISFJS
Dam: DA I’m So Raven (Black) – 1 Leg; 1x BOV; Placed 7/34 10/30/11-ARBAC


Dena is such a sweet heart! :) Dena is a small doe with super nice texture. Her mother was 7th out of 34 at the Indy ARBA convention in senior does. And Dena herself as 2 legs (which by the way, are a type of show placing :)